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Defining your Creative Goals with Audio Storyboards

In this article, I talk about my creative process during pre-production and how I use agile development to creatively drive alignment across disciplines and teams.

Riot Art EDU: Sound Design

In a series of art educational video for aspiring game developers, I was featured along with other great sound designers on the basics of game audio and sound design. Our goal was to inspire a new generation of game audio denizens and educate other artists as well.

GDC Talk: Sunset Overdrive

In this 2015 GDC talk, Kristen Quebe & I discuss the completely customizable movement system that was created for Sunset Overdrive, and how an audio system was developed to match the many different kinds of movement in the game.

The Music of Ornn

Here's a glimpse of creating the music of League of Legends champions with the amazingly talented compoers Kole Hicks. It's a great union of sound design and music that I love to take part in with music composers.

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